Anyone under the age of 18 must obtain parental/guardian consent in order for them to attend our events! we will NOT accept any individual younger than 16 years of age! Unless the site allows it! 


There are no hire packages available at our events.


Our online event tickets are a non-refundable deposit. A further payment will be required in full on the day of the event. Due to the locations in which our events are being hosted, we advise bringing cash as your primary method of payment. Although, card payments are accepted. 


Customers should be aware that, in the circumstances of our event having to change its date/time/venue, there will be no deposit refund. This shouldn't happen, but if it does we will notify all paying customers in advance via email. 

You can help speed up the signing in process even further by having your printed deposit ticket and valid ID to hand on arrival to the event location.


Our deposits are non-transferable, once your deposit has been placed in your name, it must be YOU who turns up with the deposit print-out as you are the deposit holder! Our deposits cannot be purchased and transferred to another person. Please contact us in advance if you wish to purchase a deposit or full ticket as a gift for someone else.  

Your deposit print-out is only valid on the day of the event if it is paired with valid ID, the types of ID accepted are listed below. If you have any concerns about whether or not your ID is acceptable, please contact us before placing your deposit. Accepted ID's include the following as well as any ID that provides proof of age and photo identification. Under 18s must have a parent or guardian present to sign on their behalf.

1. Drivers License 

2. Provisional License 

3. Passport 

4. Birth Certificate 

5. Student/College Card with photo identification

6. Citizens Card.

Callsign Senshi will not be held liable or responsible if anything arises from non adherence to site and event rules.


At our airsoft events players who are found to be obstructing play, breaking rules, cheating or acting in a manner that could cause injury to themselves or others around them will be asked to leave. 

Please be aware that all of your personal belongings are left at your own risk and Callsign Senshi will not be held liable if anything is lost, stolen or damaged whilst attending our events. (only take into the field what you are going to use).


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