When using our checkout system to purchase tickets to our events we (Callsign Senshi) will gather certain types of information/data about our players. Because of this, we feel it is of high importance that you fully understand the terms and conditions that govern the capture and use of your information. The following privacy statement discloses what information we gather from you, why we capture it, how it will be used and the retention period in which we retain your data in relation to the events service Callsign Senshi provides. We offer an event theming service and therefore in order for us to fully understand and cater experiences to the guests attending our events, we have to obtain certain information that helps us create bookings, take payments, confirm that guests have arrived at our events and learn how we can engage with our demographic and provide a reputable service. 


Our online purchase services such as paying-for/ordering tickets as well as any communication services such as registration and contact forms are not permitted to be used by anyone under 18 years of age. No individual under the age of 18 is to provide any of their personal information to us through any of the services advertised throughout this site. We do not knowingly collect personal data/information from anyone under the age of 18.


Parents and guardians should supervise any under 18s internet activities at all times. Parents can place a booking for themselves as well as anyone under the age of 18 that will be attending the event with them, but the player must be over the age of 16. Any underaged individual cannot use the services provided on this website. Anyone under the age of 18 is to utilise this site for READ-ONLY activities. 

what data are you collecting from me

When registering to attend one of our events using our built in ticketing system, you will be asked to provide:

1. Full Name (we would like to get to know you, maybe we have met on the field).

2. Age (we want to make sure your eligible to play at our events).

3. Address (if our digital tickets stop working, we need an address to send  you your physical ticket copies).

4. Email Address (a digital ticket will be sent to you along with your order confirmation).

5. Full Name & Age of any other players attending with you. (if your bringing a team we need to know about it).

how do you capture my data

The Player Registration Form

In order to attend any of the Callsign Senshi events, you will need to register your interest in the event by using our player registration form. This form, when filled out correctly will guarantee and reserve a position for you at our event by way of purchase. When submitting your player registration form to us, your data is captured and saved to our CRM. Before completing the registration form you will be asked if you would like to OPT-IN and become part of our unique mailing list which receives exclusive offers and information about our upcoming events, then do so without feeling the pressure, we have purposely left the check box un-checked. If you want us to contact you via email, then feel free to check it!

The Contact Form

If you have any questions regarding your bookings, or you want to contact us. You can make use of the contact form on our contact page. When submitting a contact form to us you will be asked to provide us with your name and email address as well as a subject and your message. This information will be captured and saved to our CRM so we can answer your queries and issue you with a reply. The data collected by the contact form is ONLY used for communication with you regarding your query! NOT so we can bombard you with emails! You will only receive marketing emails from us if you have chosen to check the box on the PLAYER REGISTRATION FORM.

Retention Of Captured Data

At Callsign Senshi we are big fans of data minimisation and not holding on to anything that we don't need. When the event you are attending has concluded we wont need to contact you and therefore any information submitted via the PLAYER REGISTRATION FORM will be retained up until the day of the event you are attending.


Once the day of the event has passed, any data we have on you will be securely erased from our system. Unless you want us to keep it and keep you informed of our future events. Any paper mediums used at the event such as fire registers & guest lists will also be securely destroyed via secure shredding. 

is my data safe, who is it shared with?

How Is My Data Accessed 

Your data is 100% safe, your data is stored within a login account on a secure server (HTTPS/SSL) CRM which has built in security measures. Your personal data can only be accessed by our designated DPO. 

Who Is My Data Shared With


Your personal data will NOT be shared with any third party other than the site landowner or airsoft site that we choose to operate our event at. The collected data from our ticketing system will be used in co-ordination with site managers and airsoft sites for insurance purposes as well as fire & safety. Any personal data collected from you whilst using our website www.callsignsenshi.co.uk will NOT be sold to any third party individuals, companies or organisations. You trust us with your data, Your data stays with us.

How is my data used?

We will only use your Personal Information for the purposes set out below where we are satisfied that:


Our use of your Personal Information is necessary to manufacture/create bookings and reservations for tickets to our events, or


Our use of your Personal Information is necessary to support legitimate interests that we have as a business (for example, to maintain and improve our Website, Reputation, our events and our understanding of the airsofting demographic provided that the process in doing so is executed in a way that is proportionate, and one which respects your right to privacy.

Our online purchase services such as paying-for/ordering tickets as well as communication services such as registration and contact forms are not permitted to anyone under 18 years of age.  No one under the age of 18 should provide any Personal Information to us through any of our services.  We do not knowingly collect personal information from individuals under the age of 18. Parents and guardians should supervise their children's activities at all times. Parents can place a booking for themselves as well as anyone under the age of 18 but over the age of 16 if they confirm that they are giving consent to the underaged individual to attend the event. The underaged individual cannot use the services provided on this website & should treat this website as READ ONLY.

what are my rights & can i access my data?

Of course you can! (it's your data not ours). To initiate any of the following requests please contact our data controller on the following email address 

Your Right To Access

It is your right to be able to access your data at any point. You can do this by submitting a digital request via email or by verbally requesting right of access by phone. You have the right to obtain a copy of your personal data as well as other supplementary information. We want you to understand exactly how and why we are using your data and to re-enforce the very fact that we are conducting the process lawfully.

Your Right To Be Forgotten

You have the right at any time to be "forgotten" and request for your personal data to be terminated from our system. This is also known as the right of erasure. This process will completely remove any & all of your data we have stored. We take the utmost of care to ensure your data is erased securely. Your data unless specified otherwise will be erased when it is no longer necessary for the purpose in which you voluntarily gave it to us.


Your Right To Object


Under the GDPR Article 21 you have the right to object to the processing of your personal data. If your situation or the grounds on which you voluntarily gave us your personal information has changed, you have the right to object against the processing of your data. If there is a situational change in direct relation to the grounds of which you voluntarily gave us your personal details, you must inform our DPO so we are no longer processing your data.

Your Right To Withdraw Consent

You have the right at any point to withdraw the consent you originally gave us. Your situation or grounds at the time of when you gave us consent may have changed, or you might not want to be contacted anymore or maybe you have left the sport of airsoft and wish to withdraw consent to being contacted. Do not fear, you can withdraw your consent by written or verbal request by contacting our DPO.  

how is my payment information collected?

If at any point we decide to change our privacy policy or the ways in which your personal data is processed we will update our privacy policy and communicate the changes to you. You will also be able to find dated updates on this page. This is to ensure that you are kept up to date in relation to what information Callsign Senshi is collecting from you, how its used and in which circumstances we disclose it.

All payments are processed using the payment processor PayPal. We would like to advise you to check out PayPals website, privacy policy and terms & conditions before making a purchase with us.


PayPal uses an encryption based software to allow users to make financial transfers between accounts. PayPal is now one of the world's primary methods of online payment. Its used by large organisations, small business owners and even pop up shops! PayPal is dedicated to ensuring that both merchants and customers are protected. PayPal is our payment processor of choice due to its popularity, ergonomic dashboard and primarily because any information you share or send through PayPal including credit card details, bank account details or personal addresses, stay within PayPal. Any payments that are processed through PayPal are direct from the merchant to the customer, eliminating the need for third party processors.


PayPal also boasts about its 24/7 monitoring of transactions in order to help protect against fraud, types of email phishing and also identity theft. Every transaction is heavily guarded behind PayPals next-level encryption.

We do not use any other type of payment methodology on our website. PayPal is simple, learner friendly and has great security measures. You can find out more about PayPal HERE

You will NOT be asked to provide card details or other sensitive payment information.

We do not accept any form of payment other than PayPal.

In the event of a problem arising with your booking, you may be asked to provide your email address used to pay for your event tickets. This email will be used to track the player registration form and confirm you have paid for your tickets.This process will NOT give us access to your personal payment information as PayPal is your processor.

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