When you translate the Japanese term "SENSHI". Your search will  return 3 main references, these are "warrior", "fighter" and "soldier".


All of those terms can be directly associated with coffee fuelled, plastic slinging, combat rolling weekend warriors that love competitive Airsoft games. We are the weekend warriors, Airsoft has always been our choice of sport. Creating modern, immersive and enhanced scenario/experiences for Airsoft Skirmishers and Milsimers is our sole methodology. Please understand that we don't just limit ourselves to Airsoft events.  

We are very proud to be able to offer the following services;

Senshi Skirmish Days;

Event Length: A full day event.

Objectives: Fast paced, team based & timed objectives.

Costs: £25-£30 Per Person


Our skirmish days are typically a one day event consisting of timed objectives and fast paced gameplay for all levels of players. Everyone is welcome at these events. They are fun, action packed and adrenaline fuelled. These days help you engage your competitive spirit and tactics to ensure a sweet, sweet victory. These days usually consist of team objectives, timed objectives, themed objectives and bonus missions and are usually fought between to rival factions. Its a great experience for all levels.

Senshi Themed Skirmish Days;

Event Length: A full day event.

Objectives: Themed, progressive tiered missions & objectives.

Costs: £30-£35 Per Person

Our themed days are typically a full day event, themed on or around a particular combat event or a fictitious scenario. This type of event is very similar to the Senshi Skirmish but the objectives, combative roles and teams are enhanced to fit the theme. An example of this would be a NATO vs CARTEL game in which the theme was battling against Bolivian drug lords, destroying drug labs, gathering evidence, planning a riot or raid etc. Themed games are great, they offer enhanced objectives that are time crucial and rewards the team with points. The points your team collects will determine whether you win or lose. Please remember though, winning and losing are just words. Its what you take away from the day that counts. Our themed events are a great experience for players of all levels.


Senshi Shoguns Fall Weekender; 


Event Length: Held annually. Friday evening through till Sunday. 

Objectives: Fast paced, day & night games, timed objectives & points system. 

Costs: £35-£40 Per Person


Our Shoguns Fall Social Weekender is an annual event with Airsoft retailers, Caterers and various other stalls. This event has an early arrival on the Friday night, a full day of gameplay on the Saturday, sometimes carrying on into the night with more gameplay continuing on the Sunday. This event is great fun and is open to all levels of players. Its a great way to socialise with other players and teams from near and far. The weekend consists of a points system and fast paced scenarios & objectives. Get good food, good coffee, great gameplay and an awesome experience.


Senshi BattleSim; 

Event Length: A full day or weekend event. 

Objectives: Tactical progressive and fully immersive, role-play, rollover themes & enhanced restrictions.

Costs: £40-£45 Per Person


Our Senshi BattleSims are a full day or weekend length event, consisting of continuous gameplay (no breaks) between two factions. There is a running theme with objectives for both teams. The battleSim is a step up from the regular skirmish. We start to implement load-out restrictions, ammunition & pyrotechnic regulations and on some occasions we like to introduce in-play vehicles and fully functioning objectives such as mortar pits, remote dets, controlled demolition & VIP transport. Our battleSims are an enhanced themed skirmish for the adept. These events are open to all players. But please note: there are requirements that need to be met and more restricitons than usual. 


Senshi MilSim;

Event Length: A 24-36Hr Event. 

Objectives: 100% Immersive, Tactically Enhanced Scenarios, Combat Skills & Drills, Observations, Military Tactics, Communications, In-Play Vehicles, Non-Stop Play (no breaks), Hard or Soft Routines, Medical or Combative MilSims Delivered by Our Training Partners, Mission Planning, Reconnaissance, Route Planning, VIP Escort & Extract & Heavy Rules & Regulations with strict attention on time keeping and on teams being able to work coherently. 

Costs: £45-£50 Per Person

Our Senshi MilSims are a 24-36Hr continuous Airsoft game. You and or your squad/team will be the small cogs that work with other small cogs to form a bigger/larger well oiled combat machine. These events are harsh, long, drawn out routines that require planning, and lots of it. You plan what equipment you will take into the field, you carry out reconnaissance (recce's) & acquire targets, insert into the AO tactically by vehicle or other means, carry out your objectives and exfil for a debrief.

Real Steel Range Days;

Event Length: A full day event. 

Objectives: Tactical Shooting, Marksmanship, Competition & Heritage

Costs: £35-£40 Per Person

Our Real Steel range days are a full day event at the best indoor shooting centre in the UK, this event is usually exclusive and is primarily invite only. You will be able to attend & shoot real firearms on one of the most technologically advanced shooting ranges available. Theres a large selection of different firearms available including very world renowned weapon systems such as the AK-47 and the Mini 14 or if you like your oldies then theres the Lee Enfield or Mosin Nagant. Enjoy a full day of real shooting away from the 6mm plastic rounds and experience some real recoil. 


We are a brand new airsoft events company, we are run by 5 airsoft enthusiasts with a lot of experience in playing and hosting. We love attending games and events up and down the country! but we also love to host them. Our 5 Directing Staff have varying roles and skillsets and together they form the foundation on which Callsign Senshi was built. 

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